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Executive Committee Roles                  Successful Nominee(s)                        Email

President                                                          Kevin Ward                                        

Vice-President                                                 David Snowball                                 

Secretary                                                          Shane Melia                                      

Treasurer                                                          Michael Ganci                                   

Non-Executive Committee Roles

Membership Officer                                       Samantha Fossey                             

Advertising Officer                                          Travis Khoury                                    

Motorsport Director                                       Kurt Miglas                                        

Motorsport Secretary                                     Daniel Savini                                     

CAMS State Council Delegate                        Robert Thompson                           

Promotions/Merchandise Officer(s)            Andrew Green                                     

                                                                            Robert Gosling

Social Officer(s)                                                John Enoka                                       

                                                                            Adam Graham

                                            Jono Edwards

                                                                            Amanda Donoghue

Webmaster                                                       Vijay Vasek                                        


General Committee Roles                        Paul Marney

                                                                            Peter Corso

                                                                           Dallas Stephenson

                                                                            Kristian Larsen

                                                                            Stephen Mann


Please be aware that the Impreza WRX Club has no affiliations with any insurance companies for car insurance. All our members have to source their own insurance based on their own individual circumstances. If you have any queries regarding WRX insurance, the Club suggests that you shop around various insurance companies to find the best deal for you.
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